You know what your problem is?
You’re human.

You’re in the sun, around smoke, having a cocktail [or two] and basically just existing.

None of this is good for your skin.

You know it and so do we.

It’s time to do something.

Skin cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in the US

But at the same time, it's the most preventable. Only 31% of adults currently use a daily SPF 15 or higher.

Studies have shown daily use of an SPF 16 reduced the occurrence of invasive melanomas 73%.

That isn’t insignificant.

Skin damage & cancer are preventable.

It’s time to get back to the basics.

We started this project because we convinced ourselves that we could do skincare better, less expensive and more fun than the other guys. We both just turned 30 and realized the time and sun weren’t doing our skin any favors.

We were tired of not knowing what to do, but knew we need to do something.

We don’t think we are alone. Protecting your skin doesn’t have to be complicated and we help make it easy both day and night.

Our goals:

  • No more confusion on what to use
  • No more insane markups
  • No more marketing gimmicks
  • No more trips to the store


Premium skincare, backed by science.

Delivered Monthly, without the crazy price.

It’s time to prepare and repair your skin.