Not all skincare is created equal.

Skeptical of skincare companies? Us too.
Long before we started Sonne, we were just golfing buddies looking for skincare products we could trust. Our search led us to discover that no single product met our standards. So we made one that did.
Matt's Story

The closer he got to 30, the more Matt thought about his skin. He noticed his complexion looked a little dull, even tired. Having never cared much about skincare in the past, Matt began to search for products for the first time. Quickly overwhelmed by the options and prices at stores, he did what most of us do. He gave up. Opting instead to use free products he had around. But after months of using gym freebies and borrowing from his wife’s stash, he thought — surely there’s a better way.

That’s when he called Amir.

Amir's Story

Hospital rotations made it impossible for Amir to ignore skin cancer’s prevalence. During his last year of medical school, the number of cases he saw every day made him curious about skin health and skin cancer. He dove head first into research. He read articles and spoke with hospital dermatologists. The facts were there. Skin cancer is preventable. Skin aging can be slowed. All you need is proper skincare. Fascinated by the amount of clear information available, Amir went looking for products that met his criteria.

What he found instead were false promises, high prices, and harmful ingredients. The skincare industry was full of treatments supported by no scientific evidence.

And that’s about the time Matt called.

The Sonne System

Matt asked Amir what skincare products he, as a doctor, would trust on his skin. Knowing UV rays cause most skin aging and skin cancer, Amir told Matt what he needed was a product to 1) protect skin from UV rays 2) reduce signs of previous photoaging.

But Matt and Amir already knew the situation — no product like this existed.

So they created one.

An alternative to markups and marketing gimmicks, The Sonne System is trustworthy, science-based, affordable, and easy to use. Our combination system uses two products that work together to improve the look of your skin while reducing your risk of skin cancer. From skincare newbies to near professionals, The System is designed to meet the standards of anyone with skin.

Because being human is hard.
But caring for your skin shouldn’t be.