Why care about your skin?

Simple. Skin is our largest organ and provides three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. Skin protects us from a constant barrage of insults from the environment, including UV radiation, microorganisms, chemicals, and even mechanical forces on our bodies. Skin helps to regulate our temperatures making sure we sweat when we need to and even acts as a reservoir for Vitamin D synthesis. Finally, we need our skin to feel sensations of heat, cold, touch, and pain. Loss of these sensations has very negative effects on our bodies and quality of life.

What affects skin?

Scientists have come up with the skin exposome. An exposome is a term coined in cancer research to describe the totality of exposures someone is subjected to, from conception until death. The skin exposome includes sun radiation, tobacco, temperature, nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, pollution. These are all the factors that have an effect on the health, and, thus, the appearance of your skin. The 3 most important factors are tobacco, pollution, and the sun.

What is photoaging?

The term “photoaging” specifically applies to the effects of UV exposure on skin aging. UV damage affects all layers of our skin down to the cellular level. The results are: loss of elasticity, dry and wrinkled appearance, and patchy pigmentation. The most important fact is that photoaging of skin mainly results from daily exposure to non-extreme, low-doses of UV radiation that do NOT cause any visible changes but that do lead to cell damage and destruction. So, just because you didn’t turn red today, doesn't mean your skin didn't take a beating.

The Sonne System is scientifically formulated to protect your skin from photoaging and reverse its effects. Goodbye wrinkles, redness, and blemishes. You’ll see a difference in just 6-8 days.

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